"Are You, Serious, About Trading Forex?"

Do you think of Forex as a sustainable business? Or do you think of Forex as a hobby?

Throughout my career as a trader, I have seen many come and go. I have seen so many traders have the fire in their eyes one day, and the next the flame is gone. My question to them is "Are You, Serious, About Trading Forex?" The response is always "Yeah I want to make this my career" blah blah blah. My response is always that of Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm. "Ok?" My favorite movie of all time Wall Street starring Michael Douglas has a scene in which Bud Fox (the wannabe hotshot broker) tells the main character Gorden Gekko (a Wall Street titan) "Your rolling with a winner." Gordon turns to him with a sarcastic smug look on his face and says "Yeah sure." This is how I see the world of Forex. Tons of people that think it's just some casino that everybody wins in. Well sorry to burst your bubble it is not. Forex is not as hard as everyone thinks but it's damn sure not as easy. It requires years of practice and more importantly, self-discipline.

What does it take to actually become a successful full-time trader? First, you need some capital. No risk no reward means you need some money to risk. Now obviously you need to have a strategy and demo that strategy until you are comfortable going live. But there are a million strategies. It's all about finding one that works for you. Once that part is out of the way you actually need money to trade with. Too big of an account and you will act recklessly. Too small and you won't have room to breathe. I suggest starting with $500-$1000. Honestly, I suggest $10,000 if you are serious. But that's out of reach for a lot of traders. You will need a reliable broker. I use KOT4x. The next thing you need is discipline.

Discipline is the hardest part. It requires everything you have to stay on track. I talk to my mentor daily about my ideas. He keeps me grounded and gives me great advice. He already made his fortune so he loves giving advice and his payment is seeing others succeed.

The next thing you need is a burning desire to WIN. Without this you are hopeless. It's one thing to have ideas, but it's another to have that burning desire that will scorch any obstacle that stands in your way. So my question to you again is "Are You, Serious, About Trading Forex?" or do you think it's just some hobby you can dabble in and one day you will just magically become a millionaire? The only thing stopping you from being the best trader is you. We all have losing trades. It's a part of trading. But does a loss make you stronger or weaker? Every losing trade for me is a lesson that drives me even harder and pushes me even further.

Now ask yourself "Is this just a hobby, or do I really want it?" ask yourself "Are You, Serious, About Trading Forex?"

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