Are You Addicted To Forex?

Updated: Apr 3

Do you spend way too much time thinking about trading?

Let's talk about it.

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and look at charts on your phone? Do you constantly keep checking your MT4 screen every 5 minutes? Do you spend every second of every day analyzing charts? You might be addicted to Forex trading.

I think it's time for a reality check

Trading should not take up your whole day. It shouldn't even take up your whole morning. Forex trading is meant to help you escape your 9-5 job not become it. Think about it. You want to leave a 40-hour workweek for more free time and freedom. How do you gain that by sitting on your ass all day staring at a computer screen? You don't, that's the answer.

Take a Step back

Maybe you should think about trading with smaller lot sizes and higher timeframes. I think scalping is the reason most traders spend too much time in front of a screen. They are waiting for that exact moment to enter the trade. Higher timeframes allow you to be a little more patient when entering a trade. You can still make the same amount of money with a smaller lot size and higher timeframe.

Use Alerts

Alerts are the easiest method to avoid staring at your screen all day. Let the computer do the watching while you do the chilling. Set it and forget it. The best way to trade is carefree. Get your alert, open your chart, place your trade, and walk away. It's that simple. Or you can do it the hard way. Stare at the screen until your eyes bleed. Doesn't really matter to me. I did that way already. All it leads to is constant visits to the eye doctor.

So next time you think about trading, think about how 1 or 2 big wins are way better than 50 little wins. It's the same thing only one is less stressful and requires less time.

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